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  • Carry & Conceal Permit for Grandpa Takes Out Thugs

    8 minutes ago
    There are some other products like the Whitening Strips and the Whitening Gels which are also used ...


  • MSNBC Race Baiting Host Ed Schultz "Not Raising the Minimum Wage is Racist"

    17 minutes ago
    I need to to thank you for this wonderfl read!! I certainly loved every little biit of it. I've got you ...


  • US Economy - Slow Growth

    19 minutes ago
    origin of yolo If you cannot think that you simply have the time for it to do it, make time. If ...


  • Gun laws State by State

    36 minutes ago
    what does mode mean in math terms Whatever it really is you choose to create about, you will probably ...


  • MSNBC Race Baiting Host Ed Schultz "Not Raising the Minimum Wage is Racist"

    52 minutes ago
    Jе suіs même au creux du, au bas d’un plein jour ressеmblait bois à la la voix cassée son bond de ...


MSNBC Race Baiting Host Ed Schultz "Not Raising th...
01 May 2014 19:51

How many dumb liberals can change a light bulb? None. Its because they cant see anything past their special ed shirts.   Ed Schultz is a good example of  [ ... ]

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Benghazi E-Mail That Lit Up DC
01 May 2014 02:38

Here is the latest PDF from Judicial Watch   Just think of the implications of this. We now have a better understanding of what was covered up by the Gov [ ... ]

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Florida Senate Democrats Vote Not To Uphold U.S. L...
30 Apr 2014 19:36

Florida State Senate attempt to keep Sharia law by its Democratic politicians. Not voting to uphold U.S. Law is irresponsible of the Florida State Democrats. Th [ ... ]

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Reid Attacks the Bundy's
26 Apr 2014 18:19

Reid made the comment, that it wasn't over yet, when it came to Bundy. And now a biased media reporter, whether by taking words out of context, or by Bundy's ow [ ... ]

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Cliven Bundy Makes Racial Overtones - But So do Ot...
24 Apr 2014 17:04 Cliven Bundy

So if Cliven Bundy is considered a racist for making a statement, how about the following that have made similar statements or even worst statements than Cliven [ ... ]

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The BLM Conspiracy to the EPA's Wetland Grab
23 Apr 2014 23:35 Gina McCarthy

The BLM Conspiracy is to take land that does not belong to them. We have found a link to the take over of private land.   It was discovered by Fox News,  [ ... ]

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Russia Flying Over The Ukraine
26 Apr 2014 18:48

Mr. Putin is showing his strength while Obama shows his weakness over the Ukrainian crisis. We have in place sanctions against prominent Russia business men and [ ... ]

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Death Panels At the V.A.
02 May 2014 15:58 - Roger Gauthier

      Sharon Helman, formerly ran the VA hospital, in Spokane WA. While she was there, the number of veterans that committed suicide we [ ... ]

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Hamid Abutalebi wants what?
24 Apr 2014 21:22 Hamid Abutalebi

Who cares what Iran officials want? Abutalebi is A known terrorist and should be treated like one. He should never set foot on American soil unless its to incar [ ... ]

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US Economy - Slow Growth
01 May 2014 18:17 - Scrappy Coco

While the fat cats in Washington DC are doing good in their leather seats, were suffering from slow growth of the economy. It has been mention bya democrat that [ ... ]

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Neil Young Hypocrite At Large
26 Apr 2014 18:07 - Scrappy Coco

Here we go again with Neil Young exposing him self as a hypocrite at large.   It seems that every time we get a good grasp on things Young has to put his [ ... ]

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